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When thoughts and words turn tangible on paper.  It certainly is a magical time.

When thoughts and words turn tangible on paper.  It certainly is a magical time.

We are welcoming March with an enthusiasm for the ages. Never has a spring held so much promise for us here, personally and professionally. We have been quiet on the home front during the first two months of 2017, as we have spent every waking moment carefully carving out a plan for our future, one that would continue to align with our ever growing desire for sovereignty and growth. 

The dream has always been to live in the woods. To own a piece of land. To find the quiet. What we have come to realize is that those kinds of dreams are never simply given, that they must be earned. And that chasing dreams and manifesting reality is not for the faint of heart. One must be bold in their actions and have the willingness to fail. One must jump off cliffs and also know when the wind is coming. 

It has been so hard you guys. And amazing.  

In order not to go through our entire longish history since moving to Vermont in 2010, I will just say this ... We find ourselves in awe of what has happened over the past several years. We are amazed by what we have learned and how we have grown. We are grateful for Vermont and the industrious people who live here, as this place and its people have been our greatest teachers on this journey.

In the spirit of that, we are excited to start talking about our most exciting plans yet. Inspired by our journey thus far and moving toward the adventure ahead, we are currently in the process of purchasing 18 gorgeous acres of raw Vermont land. A small forest to call our own. It is located just outside of quintessential Middlebury, Vermont high on a ridge.

This is to become the new home for Red House. 

As some of you may know, we currently operate this small but growing business solely out of a spare bedroom in our small red house. We are literally bursting at the seams. When we began our search for a commercial space to rent, it left us feeling uninspired and quiet surprised at the going rates. It was then that we began to formulate a plan that would work well for us over time, where we can stay grounded where we are for the kids to finish out school, but could eventually move onto the same property as the studio we seek to build. This plan has required more brain power to cultivate then I ever thought I had. But we are doing it, as evidence by the drawing shown above. First you speak to set an intention, then you become active in the speech, and suddenly it. is. happening. As if by magic...

There a million more details to share in this big adventure ahead! We plan to keep you updated here in order to share in this  creative process. Thank you all for chasing these dreams with us, it is truly an honor! 

Talk soon,

Matt & Britt