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We are super excited to update you on this epic next step for Red House. We have officially flown the coop, left the nest, jumped off another proverbial cliff. And we are on cloud nine. 

THE PLACE | Chace Mill 

THE LOCATION | Burlington, Vermont


We have spent the better part of a year bumping elbows, rubbing butts, and stubbing all of our toes in our 100 sq ft home studio. We have made thousands of bags in this darling little home of ours, but it feels about as big as a match box now and we were beyond ready to vacate the premises. Move in is going swimmingly! Keep your eyes out for more photos, updated open hours, and maybe a PaR-TaY to celebrate! 


What about the land? And the new studio build? And the kickstarter? 

All still happening. 

It was naive of us to think that we could just - decide to build a studio on a raw piece of land - and have it all done in like a second. That is just our typical mode of operation, we decide to go for something and we want to do it super quick like. Luckily, we have a great team of talented folks over at Imhotep that are helping to guide us through this process. They are allowing us to take our time, and encouraging us to create this space with great intention. We will continue to work with them in finalizing all the details and are looking to break ground next spring. We hope to create a space for us all to enjoy by late summer!

On the kickstarter front, we have 90% of the bags your ordered made and sent out! There is one more reward to fulfill and we are working diligently to get them done! We have made and sent over 100 bags since this spring and each time we packed an order we were reminded how lucky we are to have such an awesome bunch of folks supporting us!  


As we move through this journey I am continually in awe of this life. I could have never imagined what was to come of us, our family of four, when we moved to Vermont. We only sought to live in the woods.  To be near the mountains. We wanted to feel free. 

The efforts we had to make in order not to leave this place defeated were more then I can count. Each step forward was as beautiful and arduous as the one made before it. There were countless moments of self doubt, wondering just who the hell we thought we were. We struggled to find our footing, for quite some time. We were continually awestruck by the beauty of our new home. We hoped desperately to find a way to provide a simple, comfortable life for the children. For ourselves.

This life has turned out extra-ordinary. 

It is not simple, and sometimes quite uncomfortable. It is extremely hard work, to live here, the way we do. But we are what we set out to be. 

We are free. 


Thank you. For always showing up. For following along. We are grateful for you all and humbled by your genuineness. You are part of our journey and we carry all of you with us. 


Matt & Britt


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