EASTER | sandies


Here is a quick tutorial on how to make these darling sandwiches and win your family over on Easter Sunday! I am not a pro chef nor a skilled food blogger (though I secretly wish I was). I make these Easter sandies with the same enthusiasm that I take pictures of my food with my iPhone. Fake it 'til you make it as they say ... 

You will need ...

Steel baking cones - order on amazon for like $8

Crescent rolls - I grab the organic tube at our local health food store Healthy Living

Egg Salad - Make your fave! I like tarragon in mine because that's what my mom does! 

Egg wash

Greenery - parsley, pea shoots, water crest, actual carrot tops, etc ...

To do ... 

Preheat your oven to the crescent roll instructions.

Take one crescent dough piece at a time and roll it with your fingertips until it is long and thin.

Rub your cone with a bit of butter and then wrap the dough around the cone from pointy end to the wider end. 

Brush with egg wash and lay on your baking sheet

Bake according to crescent dough instructions - keeping a watchful eye and removing when they are golden brown. 

Let cool 

Stuff each one with egg salad - I put it in an icing bag to get some to the bottom of the pastry. 

Top with the greenery of your choice. 

Make these all morning long in your pajamas and eat them all afternoon with chips, pickles, cookies, and cake alongside your fave friends and family!