We are Matt and Britt, two sojourners within the tumultuous hurricane that is life on the planet Earth, and we live in a Red House.

A few years ago, we engaged our existence in a genuine way by quitting our unfulfilling careers, selling the majority of our Earthly possessions (including our house) and moving our family to the Green Mountains of Vermont nearly sight unseen.  We shifted our focus from economy to community, and decided to engage life with a true intensity.  We believed then (as we do now, more than ever), that once you begin to take control of your reality, reality begins to acknowledge you in return, and even begins to lend a hand.

After a few years into the experiment, we fixed our focus upon creating a real sense of independence in our lives, and set down the path of starting our own business.  We wanted to become the architects of our own reality, the authors of our own story, and we felt that a direct course toward accomplishing this was to rely on ourselves alone to generate our livelihood – a true test of sovereignty. 

Utilizing the skills and talents we possess, and after some rather humorous early endeavors, we finally started honing in upon creating products that were relevant to us in our daily lives, and then extended this focus outward to encompass the products that we are drawn to in the world.  Our product line at this juncture is truly taking shape to represent what we find attractive and enticing in our surrounding environment – minimalist, contemporary design.

This enterprise has taught us a great deal about each other, and given us a powerful insight into ourselves.  Sometimes a complete mess, sometimes absolutely exquisite, we both now see each other for who we are, and our partnership has strengthened tremendously as a result.  We both acknowledge this interplay in the finished products we create, handmade and imperfect at their core, yet somehow beautiful and refined nonetheless.